Service Exchange

Ever Increasing Demand For Diesel Exchange

The diesel market is growing and there are increasing numbers of vehicles fitted with state-of-the-art fuel injection systems on our roads. In addition to this, drivers, especially those of older vehicles, are increasingly concerned that the repair costs are proportionate to the residual value of their vehicle. To meet these demands and concerns Tauranga Diesel Services has created a unique range of Service Exchange Units.

The benefits include:

A reconditioning process in line with OE specifications

Reduced vehicle down time

Fixed price up to 30% below the cost of new components

Same day nationwide dispatch (when available)


Our range includes over 100 part numbers which covers

Common Rail Injectors Common Rail Pumps VP Pumps Rotary Pumps - Mechanical & Electronic Injectors - Standard & Two Stage



Old unit returns

Tauranga Diesel Services operates a Back in Box scheme. Simply return your old unit in the box your exchange unit was supplied in.